2 Sense Has Returned!

After a long hiatus, the 2 Sense Show has begun its 6th season in a new
studio and a new location! What else is new? Two new co-hosts!
Of course Jibba will still be gracing the program with his infectious laugh
and boisterous... blackitude.

Come join us on Saturday evenings at 7:00pm Pacific for the live
shows, or stream them on demand later!

Not Finished In Hollywood

We are pleased to annouce that 2, The Ranting Gryphon will once again be performing in Hollywood, this time at the world famous Improv comedy club. He will be the headlining act!

The show will be December 8th at 8:00pm. Tickets are $14 and can be bought online directly from the Improv's website. Word is, if this performance goes as well as his headlining performance at The Comedy Store in October, there could be a mainstream tour in 2's future.

Younger fans may be interested to know that instead of the 21 and up age limit at The Comedy Store, the age limit at The Improv is 18 and up. So if you missed the performance at the Comedy Store due to your age -- or for any reason at all! -- now you have a second chance to catch 2 performing in Hollywood!

Check back here for updates on this topic as they develop.

September 25th 2 Sense Show is Postponed

The 2 Sense show for this week (September 25th) has been postponed because of dangerous heat levels in RGS. We're grateful for the suggestions from our viewers to use fans, but unfortunately, they only seem to turn 102 degree air into 102 degree wind.

The 2 Sense crew wishes to express their apologies for holding the show over and hopes you'll join us tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 26) at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific for the new show!

Updated - September 25, 2010

A Short Break

As you may have noticed, the 2 Sense Show for September 18th is missing. We apologize for that. The fact is, we really have no good excuse! We submit our supple and naughty backsides for summerial flogging.

Following his performance at The Comedy Store in Hollywood which marked the end of three long months of touring, 2 Gryphon collapsed into a heap and went directly to sleep. When awakened briefly to remind him that the 2 Sense Show was scheduled for Saturday, he uttered the words, "Moose. Indian." and promptly fell back to sleep.

It is apparent (as he is still asleep), that there will be a short break in the 2 Sense Show for reasons of exhaustion. However, we're guessing that the show will be back on Saturday, the 25th of September. Until then, please enjoy our September 11th Special Anneversary Show!

Updated - September 19, 2010




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