Ranting Gryphon Studios is an audio/video production studio, built and owned by "2 Gryphon". It is located in the Los Angeles area. It currently serves as a daily office and workplace for 2 and is his main tool for his work in entertainment.


Though the majority of the studio has been funded by 2 himself, a very notable portion has been donated by 2's fans, specifically for the purpose of expanding the studio and the scope of the work 2 can be involved in. Donations from a few individuals in 2009 allowed RGS to break from an audio-only setup into video as well.


It's hard to say exactly when RGS began, though it's safe to say its origins come from sometime in 1988. It was at this point that a collection of rudimentary, low-tech musical equipment was first formed within a dedicated space for the purpose of creating music. RGS became an ever expanding cache of used and partially functioning equipment, spliced wires and spare parts which, when combined in the correct order under the light of a full moon with the blessing of a few obscure Gods, was capable of recording multi-track music on an old cassette tape deck, hacked to accept multiple inputs.

This was the state of RGS for about ten years. The equipment was enough to create recordings, but not too much to be moved with 2 as he found himself living in different parts of the country over the years. In 1997, the most versatile and important piece of RGS equipment was added. A computer capable of recording audio digitally. At this point, RGS moved into the digital age and has never looked back.

It was in this configuration that 2 realized that, in addition to music, he could also use RGS for decent voice recordings and began producing short rants and commentary files for uploading to the internet. RGS received its first name (at the time -- "Take 2 Studios"), and the first productions to bear the name of the studio began to be produced.

It was not long before a broadband internet connection was implemented and longer shows, such as 2 Sense began to be produced and streamed to the internet live.

As of mid 2009, all of the RGS equipment, along with new tools specifically for creating and editing live video was moved to the Los Angeles area where, for the first, time it has enjoyed the privilege of a dedicated space. As any home studio owner knows, a studio is an ever changing process. RGS is currently and always looking ahead toward future capabilities and new projects.


Ranting Gryphon Studios is not currently available for hire or public use.





January 4 - 7
Melbourne, Australia

January 12 - 16
Further Confusion
San Jose, CA

March 15 - 18
Furry Weekend Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

June 14 - 17
Pittsburgh, PA

November 16 - 18
Midwest Furfest
Rosemont, IL