Matthew Davis, (aka "2, The Ranting Gryphon) was born in 1972 in a mid-sized college town in Arkansas. Raised in a musical, Christian family, he was encouraged to learn to play instruments and write music from a young age. He began to show interest in recording his own creations shortly after he began public school.

2's school life was less than enjoyable for him. He wasn't very interested in the subjects of study and he didn't much care what grades he received. He generally had few friends because the only activity outside of school in which he wanted to involve himself was creating more music.

While in 8th grade, 2 produced his first music album, consisting of only a few tracks of synth lines and simple rhythm pieces. It was enough to encourage him to continue his music and set a goal to be a professional musician in the future.

2 dropped out of high school, having finished only part of the 9th grade. He completed his GED and started working simple jobs in order to get money to fund his recordings. In 1991, he found his first job working at a video production studio, starting as an assistant and working his way to chief editor. Continuing to make music at home, he had taught himself to play more instruments, including guitar and bass.

Inevitably 2 found himself trying out for positions in rock and metal bands. His first band experience was with a group called "Unlock", a Christian rock band that played mainly covers. After 2 was hired, the responsibility of writing original music fell to him. However, the band was short lived and broke up after only a year.

2 spent almost a decade playing music and touring with various rock bands, working as a studio musician and teaching guitar lessons until the late 90's when he became frustrated with the group song writing standard of a band atmosphere and decided to concentrate on his own compositions by himself. By now, he was easily able to play all the instruments needed to create full songs on his own. And with the added tools the computer technology of the day provided, he began experimenting with new forms of music.

2 got work as a freelance soundtrack writer for video games, contributing to video games created by Sierra, Microprose and Maxis, among others.

One day, as 2 was setting up his equipment to make a new recording, he grabbed the mic and began telling jokes for a collection of friends who happened to be there. To his surprise, it took him only a short time to have them in stitches. The suggestion that he should be a stand up comic wasn't taken very seriously until his friends began asking him to do more comedy for them. More and more people began to show up in his small studio to hear him grab the mic and tell stories.

Out of sheer curiosity, the next recording 2 made was a five minute file of politically inspired comedic hatred. He placed it on his website and watched as it became the most popular file on his site.

So he made more.

In August of 2000, a furry convention called Midwest Furfest contacted 2 and asked him if he would do a stand up comedy show at their next event. 2 agreed. Word spread of his shows quickly in the furry community and in less than two years, he was playing all the major furry events in the country.

2 currently lives in Los Angeles and continues to perform comedy regularly in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe.




January 4 - 7
Melbourne, Australia

January 12 - 16
Further Confusion
San Jose, CA

March 15 - 18
Furry Weekend Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

June 14 - 17
Pittsburgh, PA

November 16 - 18
Midwest Furfest
Rosemont, IL